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Toby Schroder explains SEO, announces Startup Drinks Lincoln

When you think about it, Google is a bit like God.

People look to both for answers on every topic imaginable, and those same seekers of knowledge actually have little to no idea how either one really works. Thankfully, Toby Schroder of Fierce Robot, a search engine optimization startup that’s been his full-time job for a little over a year, is on the case – at least as far as Google is concerned.

It’s Schroder’s job to make search engines such as Google work for his client rather than against them, finding ways to make sure client companies appear near the top of searches for crucial key words, instead of getting lost in the countless characters of information debris clogging the Internet’s tubes. He recently gave a mini-seminar on the topic at Awesome Camp, a gathering of Nebraska entrepreneurs and creatives held late last month.

Although I talked with Schroder at Awesome Camp, technical difficulties marred our first video interview. Believing Fierce Robot to be a company worth talking about, I sat down with Schroder once again to talk briefly about who he is, what he does and just what the heck search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is anyway. At the end of the interview, he announced his effort to organize Startup Drinks in Lincoln.

(Note: the audio and picture don’t match, sorry about that.)

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