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October 14, 2010 by

Screenshot of my website,

With the proliferation of social networks and online profiles it’s hard to organize your online identity. Every site wants you to use their site as your home base and it’s hard to know what links to share and place on your profile. Well, it’s time to take control of your identity thanks to sites like and

Both sites offer incredibly slick and multi-functional site creation in both design and layout which is great for the design handicap like myself. In just a matter of clicks you can layout the elements of your site, fill it with content, sync your social networks and blog links, and then choose your colors and design palette. To top it all off, both sites offer a dashboard of analytic options to track visitors, time on site, and percentage of new visitors.

To give you a feel of the two options you can check out my page at (left) and my page at, but which one is better you ask? I like because of their deeper array of design options, wider analytic dashboard, integrated contact form, and the ability to mask your site with a custom domain. The only catch, all of the extra features I just mentioned on will cost you $20 a year. on the other hand is completely free.

No matter which option you choose emerging sites like these show the ever importance for claiming your online brand and organizing your online identity. Even if you don’t intend to fully utilize Facebook, Twitter, or a website for your personal brand or business I would recommend claiming your identity simply to secure the name. Other interesting services like have emerged simply for claiming your identity across multiple social networks in just a few steps. 

I dug up a few of my favorite pages: KnaanChris Sacca, and some guy name Jake Stride.

For a good sampling of pages check our their demo video:

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