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Dwolla Meetup packs a full house at Mars Cafe

The local community gathered at Mars Cafe prior to the Dwolla announcement. Photo by Geoff Wood.

Last night, what must have been an over-capacity crowd – more than 120 attendees – turned out for the latest Dwolla Meetup at Mars Cafe in Des Moines. Similar to their past meetups, this one featured free T-shirts and discussion about the payment transfer platform. Unlike other meetups, this one was also a launch event for Dwolla‘s service across the U.S. (previously, it was only available to residents of Iowa and California) as well as the debut of its new point-of-sale (POS) functionality.

Mars Cafe is a popular hangout for the Des Moines technology community near Drake University‘s campus and now the first location where you can purchase coffee, drinks or food with Dwolla at the counter.

To read more about Dwolla’s national launch see:

Here’s a set of pictures I took while attending the event:

Dwolla CEO and founder Ben Milne (right), along with Jordan Lampe of Dwolla’s PR team (left), setup for the presentation.

Attendees socialize while some wait in line to give Dwolla a try.

A customer orders drinks at Mars Cafe.

More attendees socializing.

Shane Neuerburg and Dave Gilbertson of Dwolla.

Also, here’s a picture of the Dwolla team that was posted on Dwolla’s Facebook page last night:

The Dwolla team, from left to right: Shane Neuerburg, Ben Milne, Ben Murga, Karrie Zeman, and Dave Gilbertson. Photo from Dwolla Facebook page.

For more photos of last night’s Meetup, see the gallery at dmjuice.com.

Additionally, see myabc5.com and kcci.com for television news coverage of the Meetup.

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