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Venture capital fund Nebraska Global opens in Lincoln

Screenshot of Nebraska Global’s homepage, from nebraskaglobal.com

Earlier this month, we were excited to add our first Silicon Prairie News contributor in our state’s capitol city, Lincoln, Nebraska (see our post: “Welcome our new writers). Our new writer, Kate Ellingson, won’t begin contributing until early next year, and thanks to a website launch today, we already have a major item of news for her to follow up on in January (in addition to a growing list of other startups and entrepreneurs).

Nebraska Global, a Lincoln-based venture capital fund, launched its website today, giving the public its first glimpse of what’s to come. Their site, nebraskaglobal.com, contains over a dozen pages of information, from covering the fund’s mission to a listing of the companies it’s invested in – the first being “Don’t Panic Labs.”

Screenshot of Nebraska Global’s Mission page, from nebraskaglobal.com/what

Their Mission page states:

We will establish a globally competitive, vibrant, and impactful high tech environment creating sustainable long term economic development in the State of Nebraska via the creation of multiple for-profit software companies.

Their “Nerds” page lists their current management team (all three Lincoln residents):

To learn more about Nebraska Global and its mission, we reached out to their management team this morning. They told us that they’re looking forward to sharing more, but at this time aren’t quite ready to dive into the details, such as the size of the fund and the names of investors or board members.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, we’ll be on the story as soon as we’re able to learn more. From reading through all the pages on their website, Nebraska Global appears to be positioning itself to not only make a short-term but long-term impact on the state’s tech startup scene.

Today, I strongly encourage you to browse their site to learn more, visit: nebraskaglobal.com. It’s filled with quality information, such as the infographic below which follows their explanation for “Why Nebraska?”

From Nebraska Global’s Why page:

Why Nebraska?

We see a lot of potential for software businesses in Nebraska. There’s something unsettling about the Cornhusker State ranking last in capital markets (dead last, behind pseudo-state Puerto Rico), but it’s not difficult to see the underlying opportunity for Nebraska Global to make an immediate impact and improve that statistic.

Screenshot of Nebraska Global’s Why page, from nebraskaglobal.com/why

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