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Big Omaha Backstage Pass – Micah Baldwin: Conference of hope

This summer, you heard their speeches in our Big Omaha Video Series. Now, in partnership with our photography and moving images partner Malone & Company, we’re giving you exclusive access to backstage interviews with the entrepreneurs and innovators who presented at our Big Omaha event in May.

For one week only, the Big Omaha Backstage Pass will feature 10 of our Big Omaha speakers in 15 previously unreleased video interviews. We hope these interviews, with topics ranging from the importance of mentoring to the quest to change the world, will engage, encourage, enlighten and excite you to follow your passion, a message at the core of Big Omaha. 

Our seventh backstage interview is with Micah Baldwin, founder and CEO of Graphicly

Conference of hope


Do I think that this is an ambitious conference? I categorize it much more as hope, and I think hope is much more about community where ambition is much more about individuals. And I think, for Jeff and Dusty, they’re very hopeful that the community will grow to what the community will allow it to be. They don’t want to it to be Boulder. They don’t want it to be San Francisco. They want it to be Omaha.

And I think that, in talking to all the entrepreneurs that I have here, there’s this hope that they’re able to take advantage of what the community has to offer and that Omaha, unlike many cities, has a real disconnect between sort of the old guard and the new guard. You have sort of the Berkshire folks that invest and get involved in a certain way, and then you have the young entrepreneurs that get involved and do things in their way.

And I think the hope is really about, how do you bridge those two. So I don’t think the ambition is about Omaha becoming big in the state of the world but that Omaha getting big within its own context and allowing kind of this old and new to connect.

Waiting to be world-changers


There is an important thing that’s happening, sort of in the old money, is that there’s a huge transfer of wealth occurring, right. So as families get older they’re beginning to pass money down – and lots of money down – to their kids. And the kids are going, ‘Startups, those are cool. You know, I’d love to check out that.’ And they’re a little less risk averse and they’re a little more open to sort of changing the world.

And I think people of my generation — and of the startup generation, if you will — really are wanting to be world-changers. And I think that when you start to really, truly want to make the world a better place, you start getting people excited and creating greater connection. So I think it will be party from the work, and it will be party from the passion, and it will be partly because there’s this wealth adjustment that’s occurring kind of in the financial world that was there before.

To watch Baldwin’s Big Omaha presentation, see our post: “Big Omaha Video Series: Micah Baldwin of Graphicly

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