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Des Moines Startup Drinks welcomes new organizers, rotating venues

Des Moines Startup Drinks will undergo a handful of changes in 2013, its fourth year.

Des Moines Startup Drinks is an informal monthly gathering of people interested in the Des Moines startup community that I’ve had the opportunity to help organize over the last few years. We guarantee there will be no agenda or speakers and that the first drink is on us. It’s part of a larger framework that takes shape in different ways in cities all over the world. The event debuted in March 2010, and it has gone through a few iterations since then.

As we head into the last meetup of the year, which will take place tonight at 5:30 at Saturday MFG, I want to take a quick moment to update the community about some changes to the event.

First, the team is growing! I’ve asked some friends throughout the startup community to help me organize the group, and four quality individuals have stepped up to help out. Please welcome Shawn Harrington, Kate Wagner, Ian Zimmerman and Caitlin Jones to the “organizing team”. We’re looking to not only keep this going but to see it grow throughout the next year.

As part of that growth, we’re going to regularly rotate the event through three different venues. The Jan. 22 event will be downtown on Silicon Sixth (Amici), the Feb. 26 event will be in the Drake Neighborhood (Mars Cafe) and the March 26 event will be at a to-be-determined location in Valley Junction. We’ll start back over with Amici in April. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to hold the event on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

We’ve also created an email list for Startup Drinks. We’ll use it once a month to send out a reminder about the next event. If you’d like to receive this notification, you can sign up now.

Next year will be the fourth year for this event, and we’re all excited to see it grow.


Credits: Photo by Geoff Wood.

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