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Matt Watson’s Stackify launches with new look, support for Linux

On a mission to help software development teams, Kansas City, Mo. startup Stackify opened 2013 with the public launch of its product.

The startup’s release comes one year after Matt Watson founded the company to solve a problem he identified in his previous startup, VinSolutions. Stackify aims to provide agile support for developers with a dashboard that gives them a view of their apps and servers and the ability to quickly fix production issues, monitor and troubleshoot.

“(VinSolutions was) a very high-growth company that supported a very complicated software application. That combination taught me a lot about running a business and IT department.” Watson (lefttold SPN last year. “The entire basis of what our product does is based on that experience.”

With its launch, Stackify adds support for developers working in the open-source Linux operating system, joining its existing software for developers working in Microsoft .NET. The addition doubles the startup’s customer base, Watson said in a recent interview. This month the company also launched a redesigned website and published a white paper.

Looking ahead, Watson and Stackify have lofty goals this year. Among them, fine-tuning the product’s billing process, working on customer acquisition and costs and continuing to invest in enhancing its product. The company may also add sales and support staff to its growing team of 13 employees.

Watson said Stackify hopes to be profitable by summer and plans to release a freemium version of the software soon.

“I’m most excited to get (the software) out into the hands of people,” said Watson, who’s self-funded Stackify through his investment arm Watson Technology Group.

Here’s a Stackify promotional video providing on overview of its product:


Image credit: Screenshot, video and Watson photo from stackify.com.

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