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“Goods for good” organization Red Dirt sells phone cases for clean water

Two Kansas City entrepreneurs have launched a “for profit, for good” organization that aims to give consumers the ability to make a social impact through the purchase of phone cases and other products.

Dawn Taylor (far left) and Christina Eldridge (near left) were inspired to start Red Dirt after trips to Africa through volunteer and nonprofit work. What grew from it was an idea to sell limited-edition products—cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are their first—and partner with organizations to give them a portion of the sale.

The “goods for good” organization launched its site earlier this month, showcasing its partnership with Kansas City, Mo.-based Water.org, a nonprofit that works to provide access to safe water and sanitation in Africa, South Asia and Central America.

For every purchase of a $37 case, Red Dirt gives $5 to Water.org. According to Red Dirt’s site, $25—the sale of five cases—is enough to give someone clean water for life.

“We believe businesses can make a measurable difference in the world and help solve problems within our lifetime—not as a year-end decision, but with each and every transaction,” Eldridge said on her LinkedIn page. “We believe in partnering with consumers to make them the philanthropists.”

On its site, Red Dirt currently features 20 cases and 23 artists, more than half of them have a tie to the Kansas City area, such as Lisa Lala of Lake Lotawana, Mo., Ada Koch of Prairie Village, Kan. and Jeremy-Collins of Kansas City, Mo.


Credits: Photo from Red Dirt on Facebook.

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