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Borrow For Your Bump redesigns, adds subscription box

Borrow For Your Bump

OMAHA—After two and a half years in existence and a few months removed from Straight Shot accelerator, Borrow For Your Bump is evolving.

The e-retail startup that started out renting maternity clothes to expecting mothers has expanded its service and redesigned its whole site.

In addition to rentals, BFYB added a store where you can buy clothes and a “Bump Love Club” a personalized style box similar to services like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix and locally, Des Moines’ Men’s Style Lab.

The Bump Love Club offered another revenue stream, said founder Krystal Stubbendeck.

“Pre-packaged gift options seemed like a logical next step for us,” Stubbendeck told SPN. “Especially with the holidays coming up, people tend to buy gifts for the upcoming baby, but the Bump Love Club targets not only expecting mothers, but also dads, grandparents and siblings who want to buy something nice for mom-to-be.”

Stubbendeck noticed that many moms borrowed basics like tank tops, leggings and t-shirts but wanted to keep and pay for them. That’s what led her to the idea for the pre-packaged bundles that have those popular items. You can also customize it through a style profile that includes sizes, your style and your lifestyle, like whether you need clothes for work or more casual clothes for at home.

“We captured customers with the uniqueness of the borrowing concept, but we want them to come back and try our style service or have them buy more from us,” she said.

Stubbendeck is also exploring other options like “trimester boxes” to appeal to moms in different stages of pregnancy and even maybe looking at a “community” section of the site where moms can pass their clothes on to someone else at consignment prices.

The changes will hopefully open up margins as she discovered that some items to borrow weren’t as profitable as some things, like the evening wear or fancy dresses for special occasions.

As for the redesign, Stubbendeck said she felt the brand had evolved past the “Borrow” For Your Bump brand name, especially with the diverse ways to shop.

The redesigned logo and website, made by Omaha’s Bemis Press, focuses on just the modern, simple “B” logo. The old one featured a silhouette of a pregnant mom.

“Our new site offers a cleaner user experience and we wanted our brand to reflect that,” Stubbendeck said. “We attract the modern mom who wants to look and feel good during pregnancy and we think this brand appeals to that a little better.

“It’s been two and a half years so we felt it was time for a change and to evolve.”

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