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Kickstarter Staff Pick: Wichita-based Filimin

Filimin, a wifi-enabled light that enables you to connect with people you love, was recently featured as a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

The Filimin was invented by John Harrison, computer engineer and concertmaster for the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Chamber Orchestra. He is also the co-founder and technical lead for Snappy Kids, a company that creates therapy apps to help kids express their feelings.

SPN spoke with Harrison over the phone.

“I create this initially for my family as a holiday present this past year,” said Harrison.

Harrison’s family lives across the country and as far as Canada.

“I wanted to give us a way to express that we love each other in a simple, unobtrusive way,” said Harrison. “A way that is totally separated from the computer, cell phone, and that hectic communication, something that is part of the warmth of your ambient environment.”

Years ago when Harrison’s brother and then wife were first married they were often geographically separated. In order to remain connected, they agreed to light a candle at the same time every night, wherever they were.

“I thought that was a beautiful thing,” said Harrison. “I was thinking about that, and what’s possible now with the Internet of things.”

Check out their progress on their Kickstarter page.

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