Balaji Prabhakar at Big Omaha: “We know how people tip when the Knicks win”


In this jaw-dropping presentation Balaji Prabhakar, co-founder of Urban Engines and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Stanford University, shows how he uses big data to understand why traffic jams form and how to engineer new solutions to get rid of them. He shares how, even in a 21st Century world of sensors and cell phones, data can be prone to error and siloing.

At 12:08 Prabhakar presents a live demo of a real-time traffic data analytics program. Sharing some of the insights from their system, quote:

“We know how people tip when there’s a Wall Street bonus week. Tips go up 9%. You can see when the Knicks win games how much people tip. And you can see when they lose how much they tip. …We know the cool places to go on Valentine’s Day.”

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