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Big Omaha speaker announcement: Netflix Co-founder Mitch Lowe

Big Omaha features speakers from across the globe who bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the Silicon Prairie. As Big Omaha announces their speakers, we’ll be featuring them on SPN so you can get to know them and find out how they’re helping to shape the startup ecosystem prior to the conference on May 17-19.

Big Omaha recently announced Netflix Co-founder and MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe as a speaker in their 2017 lineup.

MoviePass is a movie theater subscription service headquartered in New York City. Lowe had been an advisor for the company for two years before investing in it and becoming CEO In 2016. MoviePass is currently accepted at 34,000 theaters, totalling 90% of theaters in the country.

Lowe was also the founding Executive at Netflix, Inc., and served as Netflix’s Entertainment Domain Expert and as Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Alliances. Lowe is also the former President of Redbox, which under his lead, grew to 35,000 DVD rental kiosks across the US, and revenue growth from less than $1 million in 2003 to $1.5 billion in 2011.

Lowe has a long history of big business success as well as small business smarts. He is known to make personal investments in entertainment, blockchain and social space startups and is passionate about both large businesses and first time entrepreneurs.

For more on information on all of this year’s speakers visit the Big Omaha Speakers page. More speakers will be announced as the conference approaches.

Check out the Big Omaha Tickets page for registration information.

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