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Hudl co-founders named Most Creative People by Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company magazine recently added several new members to its Most Creative People in Business community. Among them were the three co-founders of Lincoln sports tech company Hudl. SPN asked them to describe what their selection means to them as individuals and for the company.

“It’s exciting to know all of the hard work we’ve put in over the last 10 years is making a difference, not just in the sports video industry, but business as a whole,” said CEO David Graff. “It’s an elite crew to be listed alongside, but it still feels like we’re just getting started.”

CPO John Wirtz appreciates the recognition but thinks there is more to do.

“It’s one thing to be recognized for innovation, but another for that impact to be recognized by such a large industry,” he said. “It drives home what we’ve been telling ourselves from the beginning, that we can’t settle for what’s been done.”

CTO Brian Kaiser credits Hudl’s user base for the recognition.

“As with every other milestone we’ve reached over the last few years, we owe it all to our users,” he said. “Their constant support has not only made the product what it is today, but has also caught the eyes and ears of their communities.”

Fast Company describes the Most Creative People in Business as an exclusive group of influencers in business from across the economy and around the globe. The community includes scientists, programmers, designers and others from companies like Google, Slack and Under Armor.

“Any recognition for a Silicon Prairie company is an immeasurable benefit to the ecosystem,” Kaiser said. “Knowing the area is still being recognized on a national scale encourages not only the startups to continue driving forward, but also local investors to jump on board early for an even greater impact.”

Joining this exclusive group is clearly an individual honor for the co-founders. What does it mean for the company?

“It fuels the fire to capture and bring value to every moment in sports,” Wirtz said. “There’s plenty more to do.”

Graff said the recognition came a little earlier than he might have expected.

“Had you asked us before this list if we’d ever consider ourselves the “most” anything, you’d get a resounding “not yet,” he said. “Even now, we’re not totally convinced.”

The co-founders continue to feel that starting and growing the company in Lincoln has made a big difference.

“We’ve said this before, but we’re very grateful to call Lincoln home. The support we’ve received here is unmatched,” Graff said. “From the university stepping in as our first clients, to city officials giving us the physical space to continue growing, it’s hard to imagine where we’d be had we started anywhere else.”

Rod Armstrong is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AIM in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a regular contributor to Silicon Prairie News.

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