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The Nebraska Builder Initiative launches this week at Gallup’s Riverfront Campus

The Nebraska Builder Initiative

On June 28, Gallup, along with The Clifton Foundation, The Strengths Lab and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Clifton Strengths Institute, will host a presentation of The Nebraska Builder Initiative, an intense four-week summer program that challenged students to develop and start a profitable business.

The new program allows students to learn more about their own entrepreneurial abilities and how they can create economic energy and social impact where none previously existed. This skill set is referred to as their “Builder Talent.” Students who were chosen for the inaugural program will be presenting their businesses in a first-of-its-kind launch at the Gallup Riverfront Campus.

Guests in attendance will see firsthand how today’s students can become the future business and community leaders that will allow Nebraska to thrive. They will also have the unique opportunity to be the first customers to these new businesses.

The launch event will also feature an opening by Jane Miller, Gallup Chief Operating Officer, and will include remarks from:

Dr. Ronnie Green, Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Matthew Blomstedt, Commissioner of Education
Courtney Dentlinger, Director of Economic Development
Willy Theisen, Successful Builder and Community Leader

The Nebraska Builder Initiative is focused on the early identification and systematic development of Builder Talent.

Builders are essentially entrepreneurs but their value to a community extends further than just acting as startup engines, explained Johnson. Builders also create customer energy when working within other small, medium and large companies across Nebraska.

“Never before have we scientifically put a system in place to identify those who will build companies, hire people and grow the economy,” said Todd Johnson, Gallup’s Global Channel Leader on Entrepreneurship and Job Creation. “Gallup is really excited about showcasing an early identification and development system.”

The inaugural program focused on students in Omaha that displayed very high levels of Builder Talent. All of the students in the Builder Initiative have plans to go on to college or are currently in college, and some have already incorporated their businesses and established themselves as student-preneurs.

“[It’s] kind of exciting to be able to tap them on the shoulder and let them know they have a very rare and unique and wonderful talent to build,” said Johnson. “We very much want to encourage them to stay in Nebraska but if they leave, we always want to know who they are and where they went, and welcome them home.”

Event Details

Nebraska Builder Initiative Reception
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 4PM
Gallup Riverfront Campus
1001 Gallup Drive, Omaha, NE

Guests are encouraged to RSVP for this event through Eventbrite or Facebook.

Christine McGuigan is the Associate Editor of Silicon Prairie News.

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