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Infogressive makes 10 new hires, plans for rapid expansion

Lincoln Cybersecurity firm Infogressive announced the expansion of their team on Monday with ten new team members including Chris Currin as Vice President of Sales.

“After 11 years of success, it’s time to take Infogressive to the next level,” said founder Justin Kallhoff. “We’ve been around a long time, and we know there’s a huge demand globally for cybersecurity. Our platform is proven over and over; we just need more people out there to tell the story.”

Currin is a 17-year managed security industry veteran and previously served in a variety of leadership roles for Solutionary (NTTSecurity).

“The experience and fortitude that Chris Currin brings to Infogressive, combined with the creative genius and experience of our existing teams, equals a recipe for ambitious growth,” said Heather Lantz, Chief Operating Officer at Infogressive. “We took the time to find the right person for the job. Of even greater significance is that Chris blends perfectly into the culture and values that make up the core of our business.”

Currin will be guiding Infogressive sales team through this phase of growth as well as the company’s future growth trajectory as a whole.

“Chris joining our team is a game changer,” said Kallhoff. “His experience will be invaluable as Infogressive moves into our next phase of growth and maturity. I’ve been recruiting Chris for a long time and can’t describe how excited I am that he’s now representing Infogressive.”

Rapid growth on the Silicon Prairie

Infogressive came about 12 years ago when engineer-turned-entrepreneur Kallhoff saw a gap in the cybersecurity industry for small and medium-sized businesses.

Since then, Infogressive has been named one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in 2013 and 2015, and the third fastest growing company in Nebraska.

Kalhoff said his company’s rapid growth is due to an honest, grassroots approach to cybersecurity, making valuable connections and focusing on collaboration and customer service in an ever-changing industry.

“Our talented engineers combined with our revolutionary security platform has proven to protect our clients’ networks,” said Kallhoff. “Our mission now is to educate the rest of the world to protect their business from hackers. We will need to continually grow our team to accomplish our goals.”

Taking on the challenges

By taking the team from 19 to 29 employees, the company is facing a lot of work but also a lot of rewards. Kallhoff said that his team has determined through hiring in the past that bringing ten people on at once is the same amount of work as onboarding employees one at a time.

“Especially for as technical as our business is, there’s a lot of learning challenges,” said Kallhoff. “We wanted to get them all on at once, and we managed to pull it off. I can tell you already, two or three days in, we will continue this model.”

Lantz said onboarding so many talented employees at once was made easier with the help of Infogressive’s current employees.

“We are fortunate to have teams of intelligent people, passionate about security and doing things right,” said Lantz. “It is because of these individuals and their commitment that we are able to onboard such a large group without missing a beat.

Focus on company culture

Kallhoff said Infogressive’s company culture is centered around internal and external core values, and the team feels like a family. That’s something that happened by design from his own experiences working for larger companies.

“Our culture and core values remain at the forefront of all that we do,” said Lantz. “Hiring and training are no different. We spend 100% of our time, energy and resources protecting our clients and each other.”


Christine McGuigan is the Managing Editor of Silicon Prairie News.

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