Web apprenticeship, PHP developer, account manager and 17 more

We're excited to bring you our 105th Opportunities on The Prairie today from all over the region. If you have an opportunity to add, please register your position using our Job Board Submission form …

RecBob’s Macy Koch and Alex Frazier knuckled up at this year’s Big Omaha; now, their team is out to find a senior web designer.

We’re excited to bring you our 105th Opportunities on The Prairie today from all over the region. If you have an opportunity to add, please register your position using our Job Board Submission form that will help us to list the available jobs in a timely manner with the correct information. Submit your available positions by noon each Thursday to be included in the weekly Friday post.

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Web Developer Summer Apprenticeship – What Cheer (Omaha)

What Cheer makes fancy websites.

Do you like making websites? Would you like to make fancy websites this summer? Well, we’ve got a spot for an intern, read on!

What is a web developer at What Cheer? Web developer can be a loose term, so here is what it means at What Cheer.

  • Program backend systems in PHP (sometimes Python)
  • You talk to databases (MySQL, Redis)
  • Get buddy-buddy with WordPress
  • Help design software projects (on a really nice whiteboard)
  • Tinker with some JavaScript
  • Touch very little CSS/LESS, but sometimes

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Front-End Developer – Startup Genome (Omaha)

Startup Genome is mapping the world’s startup ecosystem, city by city.

We’re looking for a front-end developer to do some contract work. Mostly HTML, CSS and a little Javascript. Most of the requirements have been written – we need an executor. Only two requirements: (1) you dig our mission – check it out at startupgenome.com, and (2) you can start immediately. For more information, contact shane@startupgenome.com.

Web Interface Developer – Paradigm Solutions Corp (Omaha)

Paradigm is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company serving retail, financial services, and non-profit industries since 1988.

Key Responsibilities:

  • interacting with clients in the design and development of HTML code for website content management and email creation
  • integration of Paradigm applications with mobile services such as smart phones (iPhone and Droid), tablets and notebooks
  • testing, maintaining and enhancing web-base applications operating on a SQL/ColdFusion platform
  • programming, implementation, testing, and maintenance of new web-sourced applications in SQL/ColdFusion
  • customer support including trouble shooting and problem resolution

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Application Specialist – GP SIFT Technologies (Omaha)

GP SIFT Technologies provides secure evidence and asset management toolkits. 

GP SIFT is looking for someone that can teach people and solve problems. Preferred candidates will have experience in software support and learning new technology quickly. If you like making things work and making people happy, then we would like to talk to you! 

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Senior SEO Account Manager – Intertwine Interactive (Omaha)

Intertwine Interactive is a full service online marketing agency.

The Senior SEO Account Manager will manage a portfolio of clients and develop a thorough understanding of their businesses, competitors and industries. This individual will create monthly reports based on analytics data, provide informed commentary, and establish valuable backlinks for clients each month.

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Web Design Coordinator – University of Nebraska (Lincoln)

University of Nebraska is a public research university.

The Web Design Coordinator creates web graphics, animation, and assists in web functionality. This position will help conceptualize, design, develop and execute innovative digital design and other interactive, web-based media for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Assist in creating a richer user experience by designing and developing web graphics and other forms of digital media to support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions recruitment efforts. Work closely with the marketing & web teams to facilitate and implement creative designs. The position will report to the Senior Assistant Director of Digital Marketing.

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Interactive Marketing Manager – Nebraska Book Company (Lincoln)

Nebraska Book Company, Neebo.com, the complete college outfitter providing an extensive product line of college essentials.

This position plans and directs interactive marketing campaigns for the organization by establishing long and short term strategic interactive marketing plans and developing plans through search engines, paid search campaigns, email marketing, mobile marketing, and display advertisements. The position will also review and make decisions based on analytics and return on investment reports.

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Interactive Marketing Specialist – Nebraska Book Company (Lincoln)

Nebraska Book Company, Neebo.com, the complete college outfitter providing an extensive product line of college essentials.

Nebraska Book Company is looking for an enthusiastic, tech-savvy and highly organized individual to join our Interactive Marketing Team. This individual will assist with the development, planning, and management of integrated advertising campaigns and marketing programs to drive Neebo’s brand and sales growth, while specializing in Interactive Marketing: email marketing, mobile tactics, and social media.

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Interactive Marketing Coordinator – Nebraska Book Company (Lincoln)

Nebraska Book Company, Neebo.com, the complete college outfitter providing an extensive product line of college essentials.

This entry-level professional will work closely with the Interactive Marketing Manager assisting with the development and execution of the company’s interactive marketing campaigns. Areas of work will include search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, email marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and site analytics. The candidate will also produce in-depth reporting and analyze current campaigns and research new opportunities to increase marketing ROI.

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Senior PHP Developer – Archrival (Lincoln)

Archrival is a youth marketing agency. 

We’re looking for an experienced PHP developer to join our team and start contributing on high-profile projects for national and global clients right away.

Skills You Need:
5+ years experience writing Object-Oriented PHP/mySQL-backed sites (salary will be commensurate to experience).
Excellent HTML/CSS skills
Experience using Javascript/jQuery to create solid user experiences
The skills and initiative to sometimes single-handedly take a project from concept to launch
The ability to work effectively with a team of other talented front-end and back-end developers and designers

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PHP Developer – Archrival (Lincoln)

Archrival is a youth marketing agency. 

Please come help us hack the web into a better place. Ready to be our next 1337 H4XOR developer? Of course you are. Here’s the deets!

Skills You Need:
At least 2 years experience writing Object-Oriented PHP/mySQL-backed sites (salary will be commensurate to experience).
Good working knowledge of HTML/CSS – We expect all our developers to be able to write semantic, standards-compliant HTML5 markup and have a desire learn the skills needed to take on the rest of the world.

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Front-End Web Developer – Archrival (Lincoln)

Archrival is a youth marketing agency. 

We need somebody to help kick the Internet into the future. We’re so glad you’re interested. Here’s what you need to know:

The Skills You Need:

  • Excellent HTML/CSS skills – You are comfortable being handed a site design and translating it to standards-compliant, cross-browser markup and styles.
  • Experience with Javascript and jQuery – You are no stranger to modifying the DOM.
  • Solid UI/UX skills – Daily responsibilities include wireframing, planning, designing, and developing memorable and thoughtful user interfaces.
  • Willingness to learn new things – Every project at Archrival is different. Our development team creates web sites, web apps, Facebook apps, games, and native mobile apps. We need someone who can jump right into this team or is willing to learn what it takes to solve client problems.

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Java/JEE Developer/Architect – Keyhole Software (Kansas City)

Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm.

Responsible for developing new applications and processes from design documentation and user requests. This position will perform a variety of programming assignments requiring knowledge of established programming procedures and data processing requirements; code, test and troubleshoot programs utilizing appropriate hardware, database, and programming technology.Technologies / tools associated with this role include Eclipse, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Hudson, Liferay, and WebSphere. This role requires good enterprise application, development, and architecture skills, with an emphasis on agile development.

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.Net/C# Developer/Architect – Keyhole Software (Kansas City)

Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm.

Responsible for providing our clients with custom CRM, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, and other web-based solutions that solve their specific business problems. Includes web development projects that involve application rewrites, adding features and enhancements, and straight web development. Technologies associated with this role include WPF, Win Forms, WCF Services, Clear Case, Visual Studio, and SQL Server. The role needs a person who thrives wearing many hats and is conversant with N-Tier application architectures, MVC designs and design patterns.

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Mobile Strategy Architect – Keyhole Software (Kansas City)

Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm.

Chicago-area specific. This role includes the strategic planning and implementation of a mobile initiative for a nationwide client. Prior experience in architecting / developing customer-facing mobile applications (iOS, Android, and web) a must. Knowledge of vendors / solutions, deployment processes and techniques to meet technical requirements (like security in the customer-facing mobility area) are required. Must love strategic planning and overcoming challenges AND keeping hand in the code, actually making the applications come to life.

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Database Developer/DBA – Keyhole Software (Kansas City)

Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm.

This role includes SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, MDX cubing. This role involves creating detailed design plans for the given requirements, making technical decisions to meet the design goals, and performing those actions to success. Much creation of new stored procedures / functions and performance tuning is involved.

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Public Relations Senior Account Executive – The Integer Group (Des Moines)

The Integer Group is one of the world’s fastest growing and leading retail and promotional marketing agencies.

This position will be responsible for the following:
• Taking a pro-active role in client public relations strategy through the development of solution-driven proposals and recommendations,
• Ensuring high quality of agency output by initiating, leading and monitoring progress of client project development
• Assisting, monitoring and coaching junior Public Relations personnel in the development of projects and management of workload in conjunction with client and agency management priorities.
• Understanding and monitoring project management to ensure that account operates in a profitable manner
• Understanding clients’ brand needs and wants, as well as public relations objectives, and applying to the development of client projects

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Developer – Dwolla (Des Moines)

Dwolla is a payment network that lets you seamlessly send and receive cash through your social networks, e-mail or location.

Do you like to build things? Do you consider LEGOs to be one of the greatest inventions of all time? We do!  We are looking for a builder and someone who likes to test code.  When you’re helping build Dwolla, taking pride in your work is not negotiable. You should be a strong developer with a desire to learn and grow a software product. Our current core product stack includes tools like C#.Net, MVC 3(Razor), MongoDB, NServiceBus and SQL Server.

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Software Engineer – Solum, Inc.  (Des Moines)

Solum, Inc. is a California-based, venture-backed startup opening a soils lab in the Des Moines area collecting big data for agriculture.

We are looking for talented and passionate software engineers to design and build our data management systems, develop advanced analysis tools to leverage this data for agricultural management, and create web-based front-ends for data analysis and visualization. Solum’s soil nutrient measurement technology is the first of its kind to enable high-density, high-accuracy measurements scalable to millions and millions of acres, creating a rich set of information to enable quantitative, information-driven management of farm operations.

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Senior Web Designer – RecBob (Cedar Rapids, IA)

RecBob is a web app that solves the headaches of rec sports players using the power of Facebook’s social network.

We want our users to have fun, so everything we do revolves around fun. We’re looking for someone to join our team who loves designing and developing user experiences. You’ll have an opportunity to work alongside a close knit group of very talented engineers and marketers to build a platform that utilizes Facebook like no one has before.

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Web Developer – Electric Pulp (Sioux Falls, SD)

Electric Pulp builds websites.

We’re looking for a developer with both front- and back-end proficiency. (We expect a lean toward one or the other.) We work with PHP-flavored, MVC frameworks and have some specific workflow preferences, but we don’t want to get too bogged down with details. CSS and JS proficiency are a little less optional in nature, but we’ll keep that general as well. We do a lot of mobile work too, so if you have native or non-native experience, we’d love to hear about it. This is not a requirement, though.

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