Month: August 2018

TEAM Software: 30 Years of Innovation — Part 2

By SPN Newsroom / August 23, 2018

Digital Transformation: Designing, Developing and Delivering Solutions for Today and Beyond The way we develop, consume and think about technology has changed dramatically over the past several decades with particularly rapid advancements happening within the last ten years. In the 1980s, technology meant IBM, mainframes and dumb terminals. The 90s saw the rise of PCs…

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Igor receives $900K in early-stage VC funding

By SPN Newsroom / August 22, 2018

On March 26, 2018, Igor received $900,000 in early-stage VC funding. The current investors are Plains Angels, Iowa Economic Development Authority, Capital Management Associates, Next Level Ventures, Clean Energy Trust, and Square One DSM. Their funders are located in  Des Moines, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. At a glance… Igor produces a system of lighting that…

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Big Omaha brings another year of inspiration and connection

By SPN Newsroom / August 21, 2018

The tenth and final Big Omaha (as we know it) took over the Omaha Design Center on Friday, bringing its one-of-a-kind brand of inspiration and connection back to the Silicon Prairie. Big Omaha’s founders Jeff Slobotski and Dusty Davidson kicked off the event with a recap and a look back at past Big Omaha conferences…

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SPN Top 10: Must-read startup books

By SPN Team / August 20, 2018

During the process of creating our list of top startup books, we discovered that many of the books that are most often referenced are from Silicon Valley or San Francisco. This geographical preferencing creates a distortion in markets where entrepreneurs believe something they read, rather than local information that they have self-generated. The problem with…

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