Online directory Start Omaha will help area entrepreneurs connect to local resources


Start Omaha, an online resource for entrepreneurs in the Omaha area, officially launched Thursday morning at a community networking event at technology library, Do Space.

Do Space and Rebecca Stavick, Do Space’s Executive Director, led the development of Start Omaha. She said the project is aiming to lower the entry barrier for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

“Earlier this year, I brought together a group of folks from across the city,” said Stavick. “Those were people from the university, nonprofits, and even just individual entrepreneurs themselves, and started a conversation about a resource directory to serve the entrepreneurial community.”

“There really isn’t an easy way to get started as an entrepreneur in town unless you already have space knowledge, or maybe existing contacts in the community,” said Stavick. “It’s not really easy to Google ‘how to get started,’ especially [when trying to connect] to local resources.”

Stavick pointed out that there are a lot of national resources available to new entrepreneurs, but discovering local and city resources are more of a challenge.

Thursday’s networking event at Do Space was a chance for organizations and entrepreneurs to connect and work on adding additional resources to the website.

“As far as I know, this is the first community-wide directory resource for entrepreneurs in Omaha,” said Stavick. “We’re hoping it will be useful.”

Users can access the directory at Resources are divided into categories to help entrepreneurs locate the people and organizations that can best serve their needs.

Entrepreneurial support services and organizations that are not currently listed can add themselves to the website through a link at the top of the webpage. Stavick said that more resources will be added as word of Start Omaha spreads.

Stavick also pointed out that Start Omaha is not just for tech entrepreneurs and startups.

“It’s for anyone who might be looking to become a freelancer or start a small business, as well,” said Stavick. “It’s for a broad entrepreneurial audience.”


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