Denim®– specializing in marketing technology for multi-location Fortune 500 companies…not jeans.

Denim’s data-driven platform saves time and money by enabling marketing teams to create, manage, and automatically optimize micro-targeted mobile ad campaigns for their brand and local service providers.

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Denim® of Des Moines, Iowa, is blazing a trail in the digital marketing software space in the Midwest and beyond.

Denim’s data-driven platform saves time and money by enabling marketing teams to create, manage, and automatically optimize micro-targeted mobile ad campaigns for their brand and local service providers.

The company secured a spot among large global brands in the top 20 list of the Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers of 2019 by CIO Review Magazine. The company is quickly gaining traction and has signed two additional Fortune 500 financial services companies as clients in the last few weeks. Denim® has also been featured in the innovationIOWA Magazine.

Gregory Bailey, CEO and founder of Denim®, started the company in Des Moines in October 2015. He enlisted three friends from Orange County, California to help out on the business part time. He’s grown the team to include Michael Clark, a senior software engineer at Denim®, and Charlie Turri, Denim’s CTO. Denim® has recruited from Workiva in Ames, Iowa, and the company is actively seeking software engineers and sales talent as well.

Bailey is proud of the fact that Denim® is attracting talent not only from Iowans.

“About a year and half ago, we wanted to hire a summer intern. We were inundated with applicants from Iowa schools. We interviewed and selected a student from Iowa State University. He’s continued to work for us in a part-time capacity. He is from Mumbai, India, and came to the US to attend graduate school. He graduated last month with a dual master’s degrees from Iowa State University. It’s an example of how Denim is attracting talent both near and far – not only here in Iowa, but in other parts of the world,” remarked Bailey.

The team spent several months at the end of 2018 working on company values with input from all team members. “We intentionally and carefully selected Denim’s core values that through good times or bad, are what we believe and stick to,” said Bailey. The company’s stated values are: Think Big, Be Open, Create Impact, Be Awesome.

Bailey noted that though challenges arise daily and weekly, his team overcomes these constantly, and relishes the opportunity to solve big problems. He added “We’re building sophisticated solutions while also making our platform intuitive for customers to use. We take on these big challenges and we do it really well.”

The company announced this week that it has launched Brand Campaigns, a new way for advertisers to take brand campaigns on mobile to the next level.

Denim® enables their customers to manage their brand, direct-to-consumer, and local campaigns with the introduction of Brand Campaigns. The new product addition in the Denim platform enables marketers to manage mobile ad campaigns for their brand by driving awareness, product consideration, and conversions. Denim’s customers can micro-target mobile ads to reach and engage their audiences in the neighborhoods, zip codes, cities, DMAs, states, or regions they service.

Denim® also aims to increase feasibility for their customers by allowing a single brand campaign to be used in many local geographic locations. This will heavily benefit businesses with multiple franchise locations by giving them the power to run a single ad in different cities or states.

“Brand campaigns are where advertisements on mobile are presented to consumers directly from the brand – helping our customers build awareness and drive consumer engagement,” explained Bailey.

Bailey also shared that Denim® launched Smart Campaigns last fall. With the addition of Smart Campaigns, Denim® enables automatic optimization of both brand and local mobile ad campaigns. These campaigns will do the work behind the scenes to determine which ads are excelling and which ads are underperforming. In the case of an underperforming ad, Smart Campaigns automatically stops the ad from showing and automatically reallocates the advertising budget to the winning ads in each location.

Smart Campaigns also enables the user to experiment with A/B testing at scale. This gives marketers the power to experiment with two or more variants of an ad and optimize the ad that performs the best based on statistical and data analysis.

By linking brand campaigns with local campaigns, Denim® customers are able to execute a complete mobile and social advertising strategy. Local Campaigns enables marketers to create and manage mobile ad campaigns for hundreds or thousands of local representatives or locations from one dashboard in a matter of minutes. Ads are personalized and delivered from the local representative in each local market.

“We’ve built the simplest and quickest way for marketers to build brand awareness and support their local representatives. Brand Campaigns is one more way Denim is making marketing personal, at scale,” said Bailey.

Bailey also noted that Denim® is evolving its business model to include work with smaller businesses.

“In the past four years or so, Denim® has been targeting large Fortune 500 companies such as financial services. These companies have large networks of agents and advisors that work with us to easily scale their local marketing efforts on mobile. With Brand Campaigns, Denim® is starting to work with businesses with at least 10 locations or franchises.”

Bailey went on to say that traditionally, Denim® has been more focused on working with clients in the insurance industry, but is now broadening its focus and is targeting the banking, credit union, and wealth management industries as well.

He added that Denim® is expanding its services in the international market.

“Last December, we announced that we had been selected to partner with Startupbootcamp CoLab InsurTech London. This partnership helped create new opportunities in international markets; we’ve engaged in sales discussions with international prospects from South Africa, Hong Kong, Columbia, South America as well as locations throughout Europe and Canada,” said Bailey.

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