MetaCommunications closes $8 million in Series A, led by Next Level Ventures

By SPN Team / September 10, 2015

MetaCommunications, an Iowa City-based software company, has announced they have raised $8 million at the close of their Series A, led by Next Level Ventures, a Des Moines based venture capital fund. MetaCommunications was founded in 1997 to provide workflow automation software for marketing and creative teams. Today their products include Workgroups DaVinci, Approval Manager and ProofMe. Some of…

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How Edge Up Sports blew past their Kickstarter goal

By SPN Team / August 26, 2015

Edge Up Sports CEO and Head Coach Ilya Tabakh wants to make a better fantasy football experience. With more than 117 million NFL fans, why shouldn’t more people be playing fantasy football? After more than 10 years of playing fantasy football and wasting 2-8 hours a week doing research for his team, Tabakh thought there…

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Virtual Incision secures $11.2 million, led by Bluestem Capital

By Rod Armstrong / August 12, 2015

A startup company built from collaborative research efforts at two University of Nebraska campuses has announced it has secured $11.2 million in equity financing. Virtual Incision Corporation received the investment, led by Bluestem Capital of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with support from existing investors including PrairieGold Venture Partners, also of Sioux Falls. Virtual Incision has…

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DivvyHQ closes $1.8 million Series A, expands team

By SPN Team / July 16, 2015

  Announcing earlier this month a successful Series A fundraising of $1.8 million, DivvyHQ founders Brock Stechman and Brody Dorland related watching their company grow to watching a child grow and develop. “I absolutely can relate the process of growing a business to the trials and tribulations of childhood. I don’t know if I could put…

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Clickstop gears up for $6 million expansion

By SPN Team / July 15, 2015

Urbana, Iowa-based Clickstop announced plans for their multimillion-dollar expansion last month. This will be their second expansion since 2011 and will largely focus on their manufacturing department. This expansion will add an estimated 100 jobs to their workforce by 2018, of which about half will be manufacturing-related. The estimated completion date for the project is August 2016.…

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DataLocker acquires BlockMaster

By SPN Team / July 14, 2015

Data encryption startup DataLocker has acquired BlockMaster, a Swedish USB security solutions provider, according to a press release announcement today. The Overland Park, Kan., based company provides encrypted storage devices and encrypted cloud management services for governments and enterprise worldwide. BlockMaster holds several major patents in encryption, file handling, data leak prevention and antivirus technology. The acquisition will allow…

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Health startup Nobl announces Series A raise for undisclosed amount

By SPN Team / June 17, 2015

Lincoln-based health tech startup Nobl has announced the close of their Series A fundraising round. The round included Nelnet, Linseed Capital, and the Nebraska Angels. Nobl is the creator of the Vigilance software platform that helps nursing teams improve compliance and communication. Nobl was founded in 2013 by Brett Byman, CEO; Katie Hottovy, CMO; Raymond Page, CTO. Nobl…

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NorthStar announces integration of Blu Giant and Gemcom

By SPN Team / June 5, 2015

Blu Giant Advisor Studios, an Omaha-based creative services division under NorthStar Financial Services Group, announced this week that they are integrating their services with Gemcom, an Arizona-based printing company also owned by NorthStar. Blu Giant Advisor Studios and Gemcom will now operate as Blu Giant, LLC, a subsidiary of NorthStar. Blu Giant will provide creative storytelling, including branding,…

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Hudl announces acquisition of Sportstec

By SPN Team / May 27, 2015

Hudl announced on its web site that it is in the process of acquiring Sportstec, an Australia-based sports performance analysis company. Sportstec serves professional sports teams around the world, including China, Spain, Argentina and New Zealand. They also serve the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Rangers, as well as 29 of the 30 teams in…

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