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Speaker Spotlight: Maxine Bédat, Zady co-founder

maxine_bedat August 29, 2014 by

As a consumer, we often don’t think of our clothing as having a history. However, each shirt, jacket, dress and pair of shoes have a story. This story is written by the people who source the materials, assemble, package and ship each garment. Yet merely the label marking the country of origin is often as far of a look we’re allowed into this story.  read more

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Chris Cooley shares how SpiderOak’s distributed team works

Chris Cooley headshot August 29, 2014 by

SpiderOak started with the intention of being a distributed team. Our core product is built around encryption and the pool of talent that understands it. Cryptonerds, as they refer to themselves, tend to be deeply involved in their trade but the pool is very small. As a developer-heavy organization, it just made sense to start as a distributed organization. It all began in 2007 and now we’re just over 40 employees—we have offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Kansas City with employees across the U.S. ranging from Hawaii to rural Colorado to Washington, D.C. We even have foreign employees who hail from Australia, Germany, Honduras, Bulgaria and Argentina…  read more

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Everything you need to know about the four IA Startup Weekends this fall

Startup Weekend logo August 28, 2014 by

At this point, Startup Weekends are fairly common occurrences across entrepreneurial communities. But it's not often that four Startup Weekends are organized within a few weeks of each other in the same state. Starting on Sept. 5, there will be four Startup Weekends hosted across Iowa—Sioux City, Iowa City, Des Moines and Cedar Falls—in the span of just over two months…  read more

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